How to use GPS AeroData?

Currently, these systems are compatible with GPS AeroData:

Coming soon:

General installation instructions

The process starts with obtaining a subscription to GPS AeroData here. Once you have activated your subscription you can download databases, which are generated between 03:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC with a 15 minute interval. The current database, which is a file in CUB-format, must then be uploaded to your system or software. The database can only be used in systems or software with registered serial numbers.

LX80X0- and LX90X0-series

The LX80X0- and LX90X0-series flight computers are innovative navigation systems which are compatible with GPS AeroData.

installation instructions

The database (CUB-file) that you have downloaded according the general installation instructions above can be uploaded to your LX80X0 or LX90X0 using a SD-card (or a USB-stick, using the same procedure) (if you have the optional WiFi-module you can also load the current database directly from the internet to your registered flight computer):

  • Copy the current database to the SD-card and insert the SD-card in the registered flight computer
  • In the Setup menu go to “Files and Transfer” > “Airspace (and NOTAMs)”
  • Select the correct database on the SD-card, press “Load” and then activate the database that you just copied to your flight computer

CAUTION: Make sure you remove or deselect old databases!
TIP: Check the settings under “Graphics” > “Airspace (and NOTAMs)”

operation instructions

There are three pages available to manage the NOTAMs:

  • “Setup menu” > “Files and Transfer” > “Airspace (and NOTAMs)” … to load and activate databases (see installation instructions above)
  • “Setup menu” > “Graphics” > “Airspace (and NOTAMs)” … to manage the appearance of NOTAMs on the moving map (font, color, zoom level, border width etc.)
  • “Main menu” (by pressing any push button or pushing the “enter” button/joystick on the remote stick) > “NOTAM” … to search, display and read individual NOTAMs and to sort, filter, show and hide NOTAMs based on relevancy for the intended flight area or planned task



The Oudie is a stand-alone navigation device running the proven SeeYou Mobile software. Below you find the initial installation instructions:

The database (CUB-file) that you have downloaded according the general installation instructions above can be uploaded to your Oudie using a micro SD-card or by copying it to the root of the Oudie (TFAT). The system will automatically recognize the database. The next step is to run SeeYou Mobile and go to: “Menu” > “Settings” > “Files”. Verify the “GPSAeroData” box has been ticked under “NOTAMs” (to use the GPSAeroData airspace tick the box under “Airspace”). After this go to: “Menu” > “Settings” > “Airspace” and select “NOTAM” in the dropdown window to customize the graphical display of NOTAMs. The last step is checking and modifying the filter settings: “Menu” > “NOTAMs” > “Filter…”.

SeeYou PC / SeeYou Cloud

SeeYou is a flight planning and analysis tool for glider, paraglider and hang glider pilots. Compatibility with GPS AeroData is expected soon…