The team

The GPS AeroData team consists of four companies, all active in the recreational aviation market, working closely together:

In total about 40 people are involved in the development, implementation, and maintenance of GPS AeroData.


Since 2003, general aviation pilots and software engineers Rob Weijers and Marcel Knol have been developing the PocketFMS software and the aeronautical databases that are needed for it. Initially a hobby project, the PocketFMS Foundation is now a major player in the general aviation flight planning and moving map scene. The EasyVFR and AirspaceAVOID software have replaced the classic PocketFMS software and are widely used for aerial navigation. The aviation databases from which the GPS AeroData is derived are of very high quality and detail and are co-used by a number of major avionics manufacturers.

Within the GPS AeroData team, PocketFMS is responsible for generating and hosting the database. The tools to generate, filter and convert the database run on their servers, as well as the administration.

Glider Pilot Shop (GPS)

In 2009 Maurits Dortu acquired Avi Benelux and transformed the business into Glider Pilot Shop (GPS). The shop has since grown significantly each year. Yves Jeanmotte served as a representative in Belgium and from 2011 until 2019 René de Dreu joined the team. Many dealerships, some of which exclusive such as LXNAV and Naviter, have been added. All team members are enthusiastic glider pilots, participating in (inter)national events and with a background in professional aviation. From here the GPS AeroData project originated.

Within the GPS AeroData team, GPS takes care of PR, service, support and maintenance of the customized data and website.


With over 5000 systems sold worldwide, LXNAV is the market leader for glider and ultralight aircraft navigation, collision avoidance, stand-alone vario, and engine management systems. The main activities are software and hardware development, along with production of LXNAV’s extensive range of products. Main aviation products are the popular and innovative navigation systems from the LX80X0- and LX90X0-series.

Within the GPS AeroData team, LXNAV has developed the database format and was the first to make their flight computers compatible with GPS AeroData.


Naviter is a Slovenian based IT company which focuses on the development and marketing of glider pilot software for a worldwide audience. Their products are aimed towards sailplane, paraglider and hangglider pilots. Trademark products include SeeYou, Oudie, SeeYou Mobile, SeeYou Recorder, SeeYou Competition, Soaring Spot and Naviter Updater.

Within the GPS AeroData team, Naviter is the second company to make their products compatible with GPS AeroData.